Every mineral on earth is in the ocean… it has to be good!


The mission of SeaRich Natural Fertilizer Products, Inc. is to create an all-natural fertilizer from the minerals of the sea, to provide healthy plant growth as an environmentally safe alternative without damage to the environment.

SeaRich Natural Fertilizer Products, Inc. has a commercial fisheries licence from the Ministry of Agriculture, working closely with Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Ministry of Environment, Environment Canada, Ministry of Health, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

With SeaRich products plants will:

    • have added nutrients
    • grow healthier
    • grow stronger
    • be more resistant to disease
    • root more quickly
    • grow more vigorously
    • recover from frost more easily
    • benefit from soil conditioning


SeaRich Natural Fertilizer Products can be mixed with other organic or non-organic fertilizers.



  • Use SeaRich Natural Fertilizer Products as an innoculent for faster and more true germination.
  • Suitable levels of nitrogen and potassium and lower in phosphorus than typical N:P:K ratios in chemical fertilizers.